Chanel 22B New Colours For Chanel 19 ~ New Colours You Need To See For Chanel 22B

I wanted to quickly share some new colours for Chanel 22B which will be launching at the end of July or the beginning of August. What will you be getting for Chanel 22B? When it comes to Big C, you don’t really share all the information to avoid getting in trouble so I won’t share references in this post but I will post colours instead. Here are the colours you can expect for the Chanel 19 releases for Chanel 22B.


Lambskin colours include fuschia, yellow, light grey, light blue, beige and black. There will be other colours for the corduroy and tweed finishes and I will share those once they are revealed in more detail.


We will see corduroy, tweed and lambskin for the 22B 19s. It does not look like Big C is going to be issuing the 19 in goatskin anymore and option to go for lamb however many people have said the lambskin for the 19 is more durable than it seems.

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