Chanel 22B Trendy Colours & Leather ~ Everything you need to know about Chanel 22B Trendy CC options

The Trendy CC is coming back for Chanel 22B which I have said should be launching at the end of July 2022 or at least August 2022 in the first week or so. Here are the colours you can expect to see for the Trendy CC.


We will see the introduction of a So Black Trendy CC for 22B. This looks like it will be a unicorn and we can expect to see it with black hardware as well. I am curious to see what it will look like with that hardware.

Other colours include blue, grey, beige, and burgundy. I find it interesting that they added burgundy but it makes sense since this is Act 1 of Autumn/Winter 2022 so they are looking for more autumnal.

As usual the Trendy CC comes in lambskin and it has never come in another leather. Many people say that they don’t know why Big C only chooses lambskin for the Trendy but I think it makes sense.

What do you think about these new colours for the Chanel 22B Trendy?

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